As I’m sure you’re all aware, Stormblood’s release date is fast approaching. As such, there’s a couple of things we have prepared.


New Housing District Move – We’re moving to the new housing district once it’s available. We’ve saved up 50m gil to cover any unanticipated fees, new furniture, or the possibility of needing to buy a new house. Thanks for the hard work!


Inactive Kicking on Hold – I’m putting a hold on kicking inactives until the 2nd week after Stormblood. I anticipate at least a few people will come back once the expansion is released. After, we’ll go back to our 30 day inactive rule. Of course you can always message me if there’s circumstances that will prevent you from being able to come on for a while.


Pre-Stormblood FC Events – I know, I’ve been slacking off with events lately. We’ll be having a big event to prepare for Stormblood with a bunch of NORA points to give out!


Click Here for Event Details


If there’s anything you’d like done before Stormblood or on release relating to the Free Company, please let me know. 


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