Hey guys, here’s our Halloween event schedule!


Saturday, October 28th
8 PM EST – Backwards Chocobo Racing
Tournament style, last place wins!
Ⓝ200 participation and Ⓝ1000 to the winner!

9 PM EST – Halloween Party at Doc Ravenbe’s FC house
Prizes to be won, giftcards etc (open to public)
Read https://www.reddit.com/r/ffxiv/comments/7873yj/siren_we_got_halloween_party_sign/ for details


Sunday, October 29th
8 PM EST – Shirogane Hide and Seek
Hide from Snow in our housing ward! 
More Ⓝ the longer you stay hidden (capped)

9 PM EST – NORA Halloween trivia and costume party
Theme: Hollywood
Dress up as a character from a movie of your choice and meet in the FC house basement!
All kinds of Ⓝ up for grabs

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